Our Story

My Pupcakes is dedicated to dogs and the people who cherish them.

Every dog’s life matters; we all want a world where dogs - and all animals for that matter - are free from cruelty and neglect.

My name is Mia. I have owned dogs virtually my whole life. I remember dogs my family owned even when I was a small child; one of my favourite family photos is me as a toddler with a black and white dog who I vaguely knew as ‘Spotty’. Growing up with dogs is the most rewarding and heartbreaking experiences in life – some grow old and live a full life, whilst others leave all too soon because of illness or injury.

My family and I have always included our dogs in our life as best we can. We walk them, play with them, we cuddle and snuggle together. One of my favourite pastimes is to watch movies whilst my two little dogs sleep in my lap.

I have a family and career and although I’m very busy, my dogs are always included in my life because they are my family. They share our house, they share our time and they also share our meals. It’s easy to bake yummy and nutritious treats for my family – and sometimes my dogs share these meals. Occasionally, my dogs can’t eat what we are eating because foods that are fine for people are not necessarily good for dogs.

A lot of people have found this out the hard way – many dogs fall sick or even die because of they ate something they shouldn’t have. I had one really bad experience when my dog - Frodo - accidentally ate some onion (which is very poisonous to dogs). I remember sitting all night with my Frodo as he suffered tremors. The terror I felt as I watched Frodo suffer made me realise that I have to be really careful what I feed my beloved dogs.

I looked into what sweet but healthy treats I could create for my dogs and learned that a dog’s digestive system does not tolerate wheat and gluten very well. Refined sugar is also very bad for them. This meant that the cakes and treats from the local store that my family enjoyed were actually bad for my dogs. Because my dogs were a part of my family, I knew I had to find a way to include them when my family enjoyed special occasions and cakes together. After much research, experimentation and employing the services of a trainee food scientist (and using my dogs as taste testers!), we created our own very special cake and cookie mixes for dogs. These blends are gluten- and wheat-free and made from natural ingredients. This is a WORLD-FIRST, no one has created cake and cookie mixes especially for dogs ever.

My Pupcakes is my effort to ensure that dogs can share my family’s joy in my baking. The satisfaction I get from seeing my dogs scoff down my cakes and cookies is just priceless!

My Pupcakes is dedicated to making the life of every dog on this planet better.

My Pupcakes is a way to make your dogs’ life that little bit more enjoyable and fun...and enjoy the same things as your family.